3 Things Financial Services Marketers Should Know About Direct Response Copywriters

Drawing from the knowledge I’ve gathered over the years and my experience as a direct response copywriter , I have listed three things I believe financial services marketers need to know to understand direct response copywriters: Direct Response Copywriters Are Business Consultants Notice that I used the term “business consultant” instead of “marketing consultant”. And that’s because of one of my philosophies about business… Marketing is EVERYTHING. Because your marketing influences everything you do business-wise. Therefore, since your marketing should always be about your customer, and direct response copywriters are customer detectives, you can then consider direct response copywriters to be business consultants. A direct response copywriter can highlight in your campaigns what they customers love about your business – putting an emphasis on those benefits they wish. DRC’s can also bring up to you what the customers don’t like or care about your business. And you can use that inform

What Is Direct Response Copywriting? 3 Things Financial Services Marketers Should Know

As a direct marketer, you may have come across the term “ direct response copywriting ”. But do you know exactly what it means? As a professionally trained direct response copywriter, I have found two articles that answer the question “what is direct response copywriting?” The first article, titled “ What Is Direct Response Copywriting? 6 Real-Life Content Lessons From This Form Of Copy ” written by  Julia McCoy  for , focuses on how direct response copywriting (unlike its brand copywriting counterpart) looks for people to act immediately. … “This is copy that’s about inspiring the buyer to take action as soon as they’re finished reading.” – Julia McCoy for Julia presents in her article six lessons she had learned from dealing with direct response copywriting. Including the importance of understanding your audience, why you should keep things simple, and how you can create a sense of urgency for your offers. The article also ha